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Australian driver’s licence

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Purchase unique Australian driver’s permit on the web. Approval period 5-10 years. A driver permit is needed in Australia before an individual is allowed to drive an engine vehicle of any depiction on a street in Australia. The principles for the acquiring of licenses shift among states and domains, yet a driver permit gave in one Australian state or region is for the most part perceived and substantial in different states and regions. The base driving age for drivers fluctuates among states and regions. The base solo driving age is 18 years in Victoria and 17 years in any remaining states (New South Wales, South Australia, Victory, Western Australia and the ACT).

15 reviews for Australian driver’s licence

  1. Geun

    I had absolutely no waiting time due to the fact that I made an enquiry and it took me no more than an week to go through the whole process of taking out my first driving license! Incredible service and completely worth it!

  2. Megdila Ammar

    I was very pleased with the professionalism and integrity of this company. I had a couple of details with my order that needed to be worked out and they were very quick to respond and get it taken care of. I opted for the new version of the product and it was ready within a couple of hours from the time I placed the order. You can’t beat service like that!
    buyrealfakepassport.cc has a quality product and is run by best people. I highly recommend them.

  3. Idwal

    very prompt service. quality excellent.

  4. George

    I renewed my drivers licence with realdocs team. It was a excellent expirence. Definitely recommend them.

  5. Sheila henning

    Always good value, fast and exactly what I need.

  6. Ben Harvey

    A couple of things set this webstore apart from other documents service to come through fake documents market: the “feel” to clients, bendiness in communication and perfect quality of their works.
    These things are satisfy pretty much 1:1 with all my orders.
    And this driver’s licence is about original version from being the best quality to ever come through this hub.

  7. Linford

    Perfect service – ordered one day and delivered the next. Excellent and fully recommend anyone for this service

  8. William

    Satisfied with the product, service, etc that I received. I have no complaints about the product, service, etc. Will use them again if the need driver’s licences. Recommend.

  9. Tommy

    Deliver my drivng lic was easy. The production time table stated was correct. The card came out just as I expected. I’m very pleased with my purchase.

  10. Tegan

    Primary Documents is the best drivers licence issue company i have used. They listen to wants and concerns, they are fast to answer questions and fix issues.

  11. Dinesh

    5 stars for the awesome overall experience booking my aus drivers license and the follow up response to my questions. Thank you

  12. Steven

    I decided upon checking out the various ways to make a new drivers licence , that the Primary Documents service was the easiest. Although costing a some AUD more, it was simple, easy and the photo acceptance standard was confirmed. Online price was 350 AUD plus 50 AUD forexpress delivery. Driver lic arrived in one week. Great service all process completed in 20 minutes at one stop.

  13. Neville Grover

    Great response, I complete the order application and once confirmed realised the only address they had for me was my old australian address. As I now live abroad, hence the need for the permit, I immediately messaged them using email Few minutes and all sorted, permit now safely in my hands, thanks

  14. Khalil

    We found this service to easy to use and cost effective. They delivered our new driver’s licence in time.

  15. Quayliah

    This is the first time I’ve used this website to get my Driver’s licence. I sent an online request and almost immediately was responded. They was very helpful and worked hard to find me the right states to Australian driving card.
    The price was the best I could find.

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